Cost of Treating Alcoholism

Alcoholism treatment costThe average costs of treating alcoholism and alcohol abuse are nowhere near as high as the costs of not treating it. We can help you find cost-effective programs that get results. Call 1-877-920-7445 now to speak with a representative who can help you find a program that has been successfully treating alcoholism.

According to a study by the George Washington University Medical Center, "untreated alcohol problems lead to death, disability, and $184.6 billion each year in avoidable health care, business, and criminal justice costs. Alcohol-related problems cost each man, woman and child in the U.S. $683 each year."

The University of North Carolina School of Medicine states that "about 15% of the entire national health care budget is spent on treating conditions realted to substance abuse, including alcohol. Lost productivity, accidents, injuries, illnesses, property damage, violence and higher utilization of health, social and criminal justice systems contribute to this significant financial burden. These figures does not include the inestimable cost of human suffering... shattered families, unmet potentials and premature deaths."

Additionally, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimates that for every one dollar spent on treatment, we save seven dollars in return.

Cost of Detox, Treatment and Aftercare for Alcoholism

alcoholism treatment programsIn order to effectively treat alcoholism, a variety of services are usually needed. The cost for each service can vary greatly depending on length, location, accommodations, level of care, number of staff, quality of care provided and more.

An average cost for a medical detox facility can run between five hundred dollars per day on the low end up to more than two thousand dollars per day on the higher end.

Residential or inpatient treatment for alcoholism can cost from ten thousand dollars per month on the lower end up to forty thousand dollars per month on the higher end.

After care costs range from free support group meetings to a few thousand dollars per month in continuing outpatient treatment to prevent relapse.

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