Long-Term Treatment for Alcoholism

long-term inpatient treatmentWhen seeking a program for treating moderate to severe alcohol abuse or alcoholism, a long-term approach is generally going to offer the most effective solutions.

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While long-term treatment is typically considered anything to be 30-days or more, there really is no exact definition. This can include something such as a 90-day inpatient facility or be made up as a combination of detox, treatment and outpatient counseling as aftercare.

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Why Long-Term Treatment?

long-term treatment successMany people wind up seeking longer-term programs for alcoholism treatment because they have either tried short-term or outpatient programs first unsuccessfully. Others have been court-ordered to an inpatient facility as part of an alcohol-related offense, while some simply want to hopefully implement the most aggressive treatment plan right away to potentially avoid a lifetime of problems due to alcoholism.

If you fit into any of these categories, or are unsure about what type of treatment is going to give you the best chance for a successful recovery, let one of our counselors assist you by providing life-saving information and resources.

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